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    Worksharing Display

    Before I post this in the Wish List, I thought I'd ask opinions in the general forum first.

    I find that every time I turn on the Worksharing Display in 2012, I invariably immediately click on the Worksharing Display Settings... button so I can see what colors mean what. Just showing the colors with no "Legend" doesn't help me much

    My Wishlist item would be to just always display the Settings dialog whenever you turn on the Display.
    The Settings Dialog box ( the "Legend") should be non-modal dialog so you can keep working in this mode and still see what the colors mean.

    Anybody else use this feature much? Do you have a reason why you would NOT want the Legend on 99% of the time?
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    Dave Plumb
    BWBR Architects; St Paul, MN

    CADsplaining: When a BIM rookie tells you how you should have done something.

    Hi Dave,

    I have been starting to use this quite a bit and promote it's usefullnesss in the office. I think it would defiantly help to have a legend up all the time, but where it should be displayed within the UI, I have no idea. Possibly within the properites pallet? There could be another group that reads "worksharing display" and based on the mode your in, it could show a legend. Or if what you mean is to show the display settings when you initiate the worksharing display button, I think that would also be good. Maybe just have the legend above the "Worksharing Display Settings".

    One wish list item I requested many moons back, was to actually have the worksharing tab within VG be a permenant part of the UI as well. If the factory did that, I am sure there could be room to also show the legend for the worksharing display. I find going back and forth between all the tabs in VG can get a bit tiring. For worksharing display, I think it would be more useful to be able to more quickly turn on and off worksets more many reasons, but mainly for performance, and easy of sorting through the whole model. Especially when working in 3D.

    Anyway good post!

    I originally came on here trying to figure out if anyone has found performance with large linked models sluggish when using worksharing display?

    Let me know if you have also had that experience!



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