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    Office Library management

    A while back I was researching how to manage an office library of families. The main issue being, do you have a 2011 library, which you copy to a 2012 folder and upgrade? That is what I have done for years, and it seemed to be what everyone was doing. I proposed the idea of just having a single library, and upgrading the content once the new version roll-out was complete, but the problem is that you can have a straggler project that doesn't upgrade for some reason holding up the migration of the library to the new version. Enough repetition of the family being upgraded dialog gets old.

    So now, one of the big brains in my office had the idea of having a single folder for the "current" library, but with a new version rolled out the old "current" library gets copied and turned into an Archive Library, or even a 2011 Library, to make getting back to old content if a particular project doesn't upgrade a little easier. A shortcut to the Archive library could even be included in the "current" library.
    I should note that we are a smaller office, and I would argue for moving to the new version of Revit office wide fairly quickly. But people are still a little gun shy about 2010 and the ribbon I think (yes, really) and are resistant to saying we will always upgrade all projects. But in any case, the entire approach would NOT make sense for a large office who chooses to finish long timeline projects in the version they started in, nor would it work for a consultant who has to have all versions available to use as dictated by the primes.

    Anyway, this makes a TON of sense to me, and I am just wondering if I am missing something and that is why this idea has not come up before? Or has someone used this approach successfully and just didn't share? An added benifit is that all of the links to family folders we might include in our OneNote based BIM Manual won't break every year, which is a nice second bird with that one stone.

    Pragmatic Praxis

    I wouldnt do it, personally.

    It might not matter, if your office is like mine and you dont let anyone edit any families. But, suffice it to say: If someone in an old legacy job opens a family with Edit Family, its still going to remember that it came from "Current." It wont matter, because it opens the definition from the project.... But if they try to *save*, its going to try to write to the upgraded version, and write over it. It just seems like an invitation for a mess, and with no real added benefit.

    Our directory goes:


    2011 Library
    2012 Library
    Material Maps

    Then inside the 2011 and 2012 folders, are the respective versions of templates, content, RVT's, family templates, etc.

    You have to write the XML/INI anyway, its a one step find and replace, quite honestly. Each year we add one more directory, and peel one old one off. So next year 2013 will show up, and 2011 will vanish.

    Plus: the main reason for not doing it? Its ambiguous. No matter how you slice it, you arent going in the 2012 folder thinking its the 2011 library. Going in "Current?" Well, think least common denominator, man. Someone will screw it up.

    Plus, it WILL mangle any Content browsers you use, like the Family Browser, BIMExplorer, or whatever you choose to use. It means reconfiguring those for ALL versions, every year. Eff that...
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