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Levels and floor plans

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    Levels and floor plans

    Hi all,

    I have a floor plan that is apparently set to elevation of +20cm. In the elevation view the level line is not seen (Iguess I've deleted it).
    What I want to do is to associate the floor plan to a new level line and hopefullyu changing the floors level by changing the line's.

    Thanks to you all,

    If the level line is really deleted, then there shouldn't be any plan view associated to it.

    Perhaps it's just hidden, try the reveal objects (light-bulb in status bar). If still not visible then there are numerous ways something might be hidden in a view, from VG filters, scope boxes, extents, etc. You can always right-click --> Find Referring Views in the floor plan then pick the section/elev where the level line is supposed to be shown. It should then open the Sec/Elev and have the line selected, if not visible it's possible that it's just not within the Sec/Elev's view range - try right-click --> Maximize 3D Extents.

    Unfortunately It's not possible to change an existing floor plan to reference a new level's line. You'd need to make a new floor plan for that. You can then copy->paste aligned any view specific items to the new view.



      I've tried it all, except copying the whole plan to a new one.
      I'll try that soon.
      thanks alot for your effort,


        draw a section cut, perpendicular to your view. I'm guessing that your level line needs to stretch pas your view in order to be seen.
        Ryan Taube
        BIM Manager - Clayco Construction | Lamar Johnson Collaborative



          No. its not it but thanks a lot.


            Have you tried -



              If you delete a level line, you delete the plan view associated with it automatically. So I don't think that's what happened.

              The only reason a floor plan can be up 20cm (or appear to be up 20mm) is that you've either raised the level 20cm or you've changed the view range bottom to be 20mm.

              The only reason the level itself wouldn't be visible in an elevation that it's line/symbol is outside the crop box of the elevation view or it's been hidden either by element or by category.

              I think.


                Well... I've tried some of this.
                Eventually I copied the whole project to new floor plans.
                It got me back to working condition.

                I I want to thank all of those who took the time and helped.
                Mi wish we should treat each other the same way in real life.



                  I had a similar problem and managed to solve it by turning the visibility of worksets.
                  Go to Worksets and check for "Shared Levels and Grids". Must make sure that the "Opened" column is set to "yes" and that box is checked under the "Visible in all views" column.

                  Obviously, this is the solution when the file is saved as central.

                  Check the image:

                  Level visibility issue 1.jpg

                  Best Regards
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