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Symbolic Lines vs Symbols

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    Symbolic Lines vs Symbols

    I've started constructing the families I'll be using and have come accross a wee hiccup.:beer:
    Attached you will see the Refrigeration Cabinet footprint I use in AutoCAD (block) with a drainage point and a refrigeration point. These points remain the same distance relative to the side and front of the cabinet.
    How would I make these symbols non-annotative as in the examples and can I assign sympols or symbolic lines to disciplines so I can 'switch them off' in different views or sheets?
    At the moment (in AutoCAD) we have a project folder where all the drawings are kept. The three layouts attached would be three seperate drawings (all xref'ed) with three seperate title blocks.
    In Revit MEP I'd like to have three sheets in one project with the visability manipulated to see the three different layouts as required. The only way I forsee doing this is copying the model as many times as required, setting visual parameters to only see what's required and putting these on sheets.
    But how do I control the visability of symbols? ie not have the refrigeration point symbol show up in the drainage layout and vise versa?
    I'd obviously like to include these symbols in the family so that they keep the correct position relative to cabinet side and front...

    Ciao for now.
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    You could create new subcategories for each of the symbol types, and toggle those on/of in VG for each view.
    Klaus Munkholm
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      I actually understood exactly what you said there! I must be getting better!
      Awesome - I'll do it so.
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