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    scissors carparks

    Hi first time post, but i have been reading other threads since i joined last week and there is some talented/experienced reviteers as members. My query is can anyone give me some tips on scissors carparks. See attached. Its a steelframe with slimfloor with 250mm units and 75mm screed with a fall of 1:80 (difference of 201mm) from perimeter to middle of structure. Difference between floor levels is 750mm. For the floor levels i am using 325mm floor with slope arrows. Whats the best way to achieve 1:80 fall with a 750mm in levels???

    To Clarify what i am looking for, see sketch attached. How to create a slab that rises fom 000mm to 750mm with a cross fall of 201mm, I hope this helps??? Thanks for PM
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    Can't you use the Modify Subregions in the Floor Command? Combined with an Slope Angle Annotation, it will give you complete control...
    Martijn de Riet
    Professional Revit Consultant | Revit API Developer
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      Thanks Martijn, I did what you suggested and worked a threat thanks. Hadnt really used the modify Subregions in the floor command much.
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