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    Baluster Template Warning

    Have you ever found after making and loading a Baluster Profile that it needs an offset to bring it back to the center of your railing profiles ?
    Or have you had to adjust your railing Profiles with an offset to get then to center of your baluster ?
    Have you ever had the problem where your baluster placement doesn't land at the offset you had planed in a set panel patten ?
    All very confusing !!

    After much trial and error and research I think I have an answer.

    There is a problem within the Baluster Template (which I have know, just not where).

    The Center Front/Back-Defines Origin Plane and the Center Left/Right-Defines Origin Plane is not FIXED (pinned).

    As a trial make yourself a railing with Balusters and Rails. Set any baluster offsets in Railings/Type Properties to "0" and any Railing and Baluster offsets in Edit Baluster Placement and Edit Rail Structure to "0"

    View the rail as an end view or section. Assume the center of Rail is the center line. (if drawn centered in railing profile template it will be) and note where the baluster is positioned.

    Now edit the baluster,in plan view select the baluster and reference planes and move them left or right and reload. you will notice the baluster is offset and NOT at as you would expect its real origin as defined by the "define Origin" reference planes.

    Go to an elevation of the railing, edit the baluster again, select all and move front to back, reload and you will notice the balusters are now offset from the origin where you would expect them to be along the railing.

    The only way to correct the position of the balusters within the railing is now use offsets.

    To fix the Baluster Template use this test example and with trial and error (as there is no way to define where the real origin is) and position the front/back-left/right planes and PIN them and be very aware that moving the whole thing is not hard to do and you will never know untill you have loaded the family.

    So this might help explain to some of us that have had issues with weird baluster offsets and positioning in baluster patterns, it does for me.
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    Mark Balsom

    If it ain't broke, fix it till it is.

    Very interesting, Mark. Does this explain why railings always come by default with a baluster offset of 1" (0.25)?
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      I could never work out and why that offset was there, and has annoyed me for years, I always felt everything should setout from a centerline and "0" offsets then that makes creating railings a lot eaiser.
      Also after seeing a few different post with different issues one especially one by Gordon Price about baluster placement offsets there had to be an issue within the template. Now I feel I understand how these issues arise and will be creating all my profiles with this knowledge and working everything based on "0" offset and centerline.
      Mark Balsom

      If it ain't broke, fix it till it is.


        Thank you!!!!


          I've noticed this too. In Baluster Posts and Baluster Panels. Drove me mad till I twigged what was happening. My assumption is that the Defines Origin checkboxes do not work for the Reference Planes in these families and that there is a fixed hidden origin that does not move. Glad it was not just me.


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