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Joining Adjacent Walls - Help

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    Joining Adjacent Walls - Help

    I am having a lot of trouble with something that should be an easy task. 2 walls of an adjacent masonry 'shed' type building will not join. The N wall joins well with the E wall, but the S wall has a mind of it's own. The dimensions of the E wall are grayed out so I cannot change it's length. I have redrawn the S wall multiple times with the same result. It also does not want to move. (Maybe it thinks that it is heavy masonry or something.) I could use a little help. What am I stuck on?
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    double check your heights and view cut... would be able to offer more help with the .rvt file.
    -Alex Cunningham


      Thanks Alex. The file size (2.52 MB) exceeds the limit allowed (1.95 MB). So here is a perspective view with the trouble wall highlighted. This should give some clues (I hope).

      The N & S walls are angled at the top. I have had to change the heights many times because they seem to shift after I close and then open it. The heights are correct

      How do I look at the cut view?
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        Hi, the fastest way to help should be:
        you may delete the W wall, edit the profile of the E one, check the height at start/end.
        then apply the height you checked to the S wall. after that use intersection of walls to get the result you want.
        At the end mirror the E wall, and check again intersections with the S one.
        Also check if one wall is pinned (if so just unpinned!).
        good luck
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