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    Print Selected Views/Sheets lockups

    I have a reasonable size v2015 project file: 156mb.
    I have sixty or so sheets that print fine - individually via "Current Window" and when part of "Selected Views/Sheets". Both to hard copy and to individual PDFs.
    I have one sheet in the set that does not like being printed when part of "Selected Views/Sheets".
    It contains the big survey dwg linked in. It takes a little longer to print than other views via "Current Window".
    It takes much longer to print when it is the only sheet selected via "Selected Views/Sheets".
    If I print a full set with "Selected Views/Sheets" including this sheet, Revit just sits there thinking. Whereas if I print the entire set except this sheet, it will plough through them quite quickly.
    Does anyone have any thoughts on this matter please?

    Possibly related is our experience when creating PDFs that we don't select "Combine multiple selected views/sheets into a single file" for print sets of more than about a dozen files. We always find this process very slow. It is quicker and more reliable to create single PDFs and then combine them with Acrobat later. Does anyone else have this experience too?

    Thanks in advance,


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