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Revit OpEd: Revit Content Standards - ANZRS

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    Revit OpEd: Revit Content Standards - ANZRS

    The Australia New Zealand Revit Standards (ANZRS) has been formally released. In March this year I wrote that they were drawing close to releasing it and that they hoped to do so at the Revit Technology Conference in Goldcoast. They did hold a meeting there but held off on the formal release a bit longer.

    They made their first digital public version available for download. You need to register with modest information before you'll be able to download it. It is delivered in a PDF package that is comprised of these sections:
    • L1 Introduction
    • L2 How to use the pack
    • L3 Generic vs Specific
    • L4 Glossary of Terms
    • C1-C8 Compliance
    • R1-R2 Advanced Features and Best Practices
    • Full Pack for printing including shared parameter txt files

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