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    Rotate Sun Path

    Does anyone know of a way to rotate the sun path? I want to align my plans so that they are parallel with the edge of the page but this means the north arrow will be on an angle. I need to rotate my sun path circle so that it aligns with the angled north but when I select it and choose the rotate tool, it acts as though it's rotating it but it stays in the north = straight up position.

    The sun path is tied to the orientation data which has been set for the project.

    If the proper orientation has been set - using the rotate true north tool in a plan view where the orientation parameter is set to True North, the north south axis of the sun path will be vertical. The site and building will be on an angle (unless of course the site boundary is 0deg.)

    In a view where the orientation is set to Project, the result is the opposite of the above.

    There is no way to "rotate" the compass independent of the internal orientation of the site.
    Ian Kidston


      Iru posted a great tutorial on rotating true north in this post.
      Klaus Munkholm
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