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Is there a way to print Keyboard Shortcuts

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    Is there a way to print Keyboard Shortcuts

    Hey guys is there a way to print Keyboard Shortcuts. I have Custom ones that I use that I need to share to for training.

    Thanks for the help. :bb:

    Within the Keyboard shortcut dialog - not that I know of.

    You can, of course, export it and print from your internet browser - given the entire string is printed, its not that easy to read.

    Otherwise, change the view of the keyboard shortcuts to "All Defined" - maximise the screen and then do a couple of screen grabs.
    Ian Kidston


      Just write them by hand, wont take many time and u can add more to your list which are important during your working time. Thats how i made, also i sticked in the both sides of monitor so it looks really pimp as a revit monitor.


        Export to XML and Import into will need to clean up some of the columns from there, unless you want to see the CommandID and Paths...

        Edit: DATA--> From Other Sources --> From XML Data Import
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        Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


          The REVIT Command prompt I put together ( or the RFO Add-In post) has a parsed human-readable version of it under the options table which can be copy-pasted into NOTEPAD etc..:

          AL | Align | Modify>Modify - (id_align)
          AP | Add to Group | Contextual Tabs>Edit Group - (id_editgroup_add_to_group)
          AR | Array | Modify>Modify - (id_edit_create_pattern)
          CG | Cancel | Contextual Tabs>Edit Group - (id_cancel_group_edit_mode)
          CM | Place a Component | Home>Model; Home>Build - (id_objects_famsym)
          CO | Copy | Modify>Modify - (id_edit_move_copy)
          CC | Copy | Modify>Modify - (id_edit_move_copy)
          CS | Create Similar | Modify>Create - (id_edit_create_similar)
          DE | Delete | Modify>Modify - (id_button_delete)
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