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Roof Intersection Question

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    Roof Intersection Question

    OK, this is a bit of an old problem that I feel I should just know how to do but always comes back to vex me. In the attached massing model I have several roofs that I wish to simply "clean up" where they meet so that when I look at the floor plan and section they appear as all joined together. In other words, I'd like roof 1 roof 2, roof 3, and roof 4 to all be joined with no overlap internally.

    If I try to use the dormer opening tool I always seem to get the "Dormer Opening Cut is not fully defined" message. And I've had problems with the other "cut" tools as well. I'm sure there is a fairly easy way to do this so any advice would be appreciated.

    I'm not concerned with the structural accuracy of showing one overbuilt section vs. another (hence having all clean roof intersections) as I do my structural plans using a combination of linework and the model. I just want a clean slate on the floor plan..........

    Just so you know, roof 1 is the existing roof. All other roofs are being added.


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    Often the quickest and easiest way to accomplish what you are looking for is to use join geometry to clean up the external appearance and then use vertical openings to clear out the overlap on the interior side of the roof. The best part about joining the geometry first is you can then pick the lines on the exterior side of the roofs to perfectly line up the start of the opening and then just oversize the rest of it to get everything.


      Thanks for the input. That seems to work OK I just wish the program could make the intersection of roofs clean up easier than this.

      I seem to remember someone else addressing this a year or two ago in the old forums but with their (the forums) demise I have no way of searching for it.

      Thanks again for your help!


        I let revit figure out the geometry for me, then adjust the roof sketch based on the join lines. so I make dormers that the sketch is a simple square to start, then join geometry with the main roof, then see where those lines are then edit the sketch to match those. the trick with the dormer opening is to offset the sketch slightly.
        Scott D. Brown, AIA | Senior Project Manager | Beck Group


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