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    ? on family options

    i/we deal with security electronics.
    we will be utilizing possibly Bosch, Pelco etc on cameras, and so on for Intercoms, Speakers, Panic buttons and so on.

    i just found a site that has a great deal of families to download, but they are Revit2009 version.
    being new, is that an issue?
    and i also read that manufacturers like to get to dam detailed in their work, which will bloat the model and so on.... am i close?
    i do see that ultimately i will have to man up and draw/model all of our families...... i know..... just trying to save mayself alittle stress

    2009 versions is not really an issue. But watch out for manufactures content with imported dwg or sat files... those will slow down your system, and make a mess. If it´s all native revit geometry, high detailing is not a big concern to me - But it depends a lot on project size and hardware. If built right, there will be less detailing in Coarse and Medium, and it won´t be an issue at all. :beer:
    Klaus Munkholm
    "Do. Or do not. There is no try."


      thanks for the reply. i appreciate it


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