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Families for Healthcare Facilities

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    Families for Healthcare Facilities

    We are doing some work for cardio and diagnostic imaging (x-ray, c-scan, petscan, etc.) facilities. Most of the equipment involved is very specialized. I have been to some of the manufacturers web sites and not surprisingly, there is little to no BIM content. I hesitate to build families beyond simple shapes and sizes as the equipment involved could take forever trying to model.

    Has anyone done these types of facilities and if so, is the right approach to take?

    Originally posted by renogreen View Post
    ...Has anyone done these types of facilities and if so, is the right approach to take?
    Searching for the families would be the right approach if you can find them. I would try to search more before even considering spending time creating them. Creating them will consume most of the time you have for your project. Have you checked ARCAT? I know that Truevis, who posts here frequently, made a set of families for laboratories, and I understand that these families are available in
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      I've spent some time on Arcat and cannot find anything like what I am looking for. There is some lab stuff but nothing in the way of cardio and imaging equipment.


        Originally posted by renogreen View Post
        I hesitate to build families beyond simple shapes and sizes as the equipment involved could take forever trying to model.
        Sometimes all I need (and do) is a rectangular solid with a very precise tag.
        If you do not need renderings or elevations with all the buttons in the equipment, go for basic shapes.
        You even get the chance of replacing them with more detailed ones if you find some.
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          Yes, I will most likely model general shapes and sizes and tag as needed.


            Have you checked "Reed Construction Data"


            There is an area on the website called spaces, in this area is a hospital section with lots of rooms, you might get the objects there that you want, or be able to edit their families.




              Most of the facilities we have done usually has the owner contracting their specialized equipment For example the MRI and all of the imaging is usually the same vendor like GE. Most of these vendors do not have 3d models as their are many models/options to build by. They have cad blocks of their equipment though. They also usually give you the requirements and spacing needed to design by. In their protocol they supply these cad drawings which unfortunatley we break down and remove everything not theirs and insert back as linked cad. We find it easier to keep updating this cad file of their equipment than to keep modeling over and over. Maybe crazy, thats just us.
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                Bradley Revit Resources

                I read a post from someone (can't recall who, what and when, just know that it's somewhere in RFO) asking for specialised healthcare equipment families, so I thought posting the link (that I stumbled upon by coincidence) here might suffice:

                Some really cool (and heavy, think of 2-4 MB sized *.rfa's) stuff!
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                    This may families.
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