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line based family to create reveal

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    line based family to create reveal

    hello all, this is an extension of a previous question i had about reveals. the original question had to do with whether model lines would take up more or less space in the model than reveals, but the discussion also lead to many different ways one could approach making "reveals" graphically.

    i created a generic family line based, and used a void extrusion to represent the reveal. there are two problems:

    i am having trouble getting the void extrusion to actually "cut" the wall when loaded in the model. the model will probably be used for renderings, so it is desirable that if we use geometry for these reveals, they actually show up as cutting out of the wall.
    i am also having trouble turning the orange lines that represent the "void" black. is there a way to do this in object styles?

    here is a graphical explanation of my issue as attachments. I also have included the little family.
    Attached Files

    Use the cut geometry tool select the wall then select the void.
    Mark Balsom

    If it ain't broke, fix it till it is.


      oops! that was easy. thanks!


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