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File synchronisation between multiple companies

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    File synchronisation between multiple companies

    Hi, I am looking for dropbox-like software to unify multiple unique Little BIM into one Big BIM (cloud environment). The whole purpose is to make sure everyone has a copy of the work of all partners involved (in a generic, contextless format for the time being).

    What I would ideally require it this:
    -an environment to manage virtual folders and access permission
    -offline software for all partners to realtime sync a network folder with the cloud

    There is no centralised file storage, but folders on several networks that always keep eachother up to date, in other words a cloud (or my definition of one). It should be easy to use and easy to implement, and is going to work as a backbone to realtime transfer files that would enable us to make conference calls and work as if we were all working in one central model together, except everyone is using their own software where their part of the model exists in their own appropriate context.

    We would have a co-ordinating role.
    Our partners would have a facilitating role.
    The actual design work doesnt change for anyone as long as they work in 3D and can export to dwg, just the way they communicate changes.

    Does anyone have experience with (or know of) similar software? I am open for constructive suggestions concerning the software and descibed workflow. I am not going to debate the purpose or viewpoints concerning this concept, as it is still in development and part of my employer's IP.

    Thank you.

    Well, I guess you could use Dropbox for this. Since you can share each folder to different parties. And it has live syncing.
    Same goes for Google Docs when combined with a syncprogram like Syncdocs.
    Martijn de Riet
    Professional Revit Consultant | Revit API Developer
    MdR Advies
    Planta1 Revit Online Consulting


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