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Elevation Tags Not Updating

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    Elevation Tags Not Updating

    When we generate an interior elevation and then place it on a sheet which also has another view on it (can be any view type), it is automatically assigned a view number. If we change the view number in the view title, the number in the View Title updates - but the number on the interior elevation mark does not. If we go in and edit the Type Properties of the elevation mark, making a slight change and then select "Okay", this seems to force the interior elevation mark to update. This occurs in files upgraded from 2011, including our upgraded template. Could it be a problem with the upgrade? Any suggestions are appreciated.

    Yep, it's a known bug. See this thread.


      Hi WV,

      I am working on an old project created in Revit 2008. Opened and saved the file in 2012 format. No matter where I change the assigned number, it populates through the entire project as expected.

      For no other reason than I can't think of anything else, try closing revit or even rebooting the computer and check if the problem persists.

      Maybe others have come across this problem previously.

      Edit: re Dan's post above.
      See - RFO has the answers - didn't know the bug existed I had obviously moved the view on the sheet and hence no perceived problem
      Ian Kidston


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