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Air Terminal On Duct issues

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    Air Terminal On Duct issues

    I have some drum louvers Air Terminal Families that are attached directly on the side of various instances of ductwork. The problem I'm having is that any time you want to make a change to an Instance Based or Type Based parameter it throws an error, stating: "The Air Terminal must be attached to duct" with only two actionable options, either delete the Air Terminal or Cancel the operation. So the trick is, have all your terminals pre-edited before you attach.

    Some Air Terminals do this and some don't. The stock Autodesk ones do not have this issue. Any ideas on this? Thanks in advance.
    Tannar Z. Frampton ™
    Frampton & Associates, Inc.

    This is a new feature in 2014 isnt it? Is there a new Family Template for this kind of air terminal?
    I guess new air terminals for this should be made from the Autodesk ones then..
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      I also found once that moving the duct did strange things to the air terminal locations.
      Thomas N Fuller II



        I have experienced similar issues with duct-mounted air terminals. In regards to air terminals moving when the duct moves, I found that the connector didn't like being anywhere but the exact center of the family, and Revit generated a warning saying as much. I was able to finagle with it in my original family and did manage to flex the connector acceptably. When recreating the family recently, I got around this problem by modelling the mitered can in a separate family and nesting it in, which, on the whole, made the family a lot simpler. FWIW, the terminal still connects to the ductwork on the Left/Right origin plane, not where the connector is.
        But then I ran into Tannar's original problem when I went to modify the family in a project. After a little bit of testing, I feel confident in saying that, in my case, having the vertical justification of the host ductwork set to top or bottom instead of middle was the source of the problem. Fortunately, if you justify the ductwork and then manually change the justification back to middle in the properties window, the air terminals work as expected and the ductwork stays in the correct spot.

        Sorry for necroposting, this seemed like a worthy instance if anyone else had similar issues.


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