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Sloped Grid in Elevation

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    Sloped Grid in Elevation

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    RA 2011

    Is there a way top set up a grid line to slope in elevation? We have an exterior skin that cant slope at 7 degrees, and in elevation we would like some column lines to slope as well.

    I am just about to do it "with drafting lines and such". Is there a better way?


    I've not seen sloped grids before in elevation, but instead a grid for the base plate and another grid for the top plate. Not sure how other Struct Eng do this but this is the only way I've seen it done.

    I would suggest maybe using Reference Planes to achieve this.

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      Refplanes is the way to go... But in 2011 there's also the possibility of a Slanted Column... Which is probably exactly what you need.
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        A slanted grid in elevation would be a little odd since you would never be able to see it (live) in plan. So you would never see the grid untill you cut a section or elevation perpendicular to the grid.


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