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Another exciting weekend!!!

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    Another exciting weekend!!!

    Or actually....a scary one...

    Was having a yard sale on Saturday...things were slow so I was in the garage enjoying a beer and watching Lethal Weapon 2 on my tablet...
    Heard someone yell "CALL 911!!" and "Get the hoses!!" Peeked out of the garage to see people running towards the side of my house then I saw the smoke. Freaked out thinking it was my house I ran around the corner to see it was coming from the house behind me. Ran back to the garage, grabbed my dog and put him in the house then ran to the back yard with the hose. Sprayed down as much as I could before the fire crews showed up, then I kept trying to water down my trees so they wouldn't catch on fire until the heat was too much.

    Here's a video someone took...
    Attached Files
    Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)

    I bet you started the fire. You pyro!!!
    -Alex Cunningham


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