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Roof Trouble

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    Roof Trouble

    Hi everybody, first post!

    Having trouble with my roof here, hopefully someone put there can point out the flaw.

    I've tried creating it as two separate roofs already to no avail.
    I have included three images.

    Also, does anyone know how to create an overhang for an already existing roof

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    Welcome to the Forum!

    It may be that the walls are not all equidistant from the center of the polygon. Make sure that they all are otherwise it will give the error if the "math" doesn't work out for the roof
    Think of Right triangles and the slopes if the distance from center is off, not all are going to have the same peak.
    Juan Carlos Moreno
    Store Designer & Merchandising Manager
    Sisley Cosmetics


      Try changing the Fascia depth to 0 first. Then try setting the Rafter Cut to Plumb Cut (not Two-Cut) next and see if that helps. Also try sketching the roof by drawing your own Octagon (using the polygon sketch tool) rather than using Pick Walls.
      Scott D Davis
      Sr. AEC Technical Specialist
      Autodesk, Inc.


        To create an overhang for an existing roof - if you have created it using 'by footprint' just edit the roof and select and change the offset of the sketch lines to the walls via the 'Overhang' box in the toolbar.
        William Sutherland rias riba
        WS Architecture Ltd


          Many thanks guys for all your help! Apologises for my sluggish reply!


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