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MEP workset quantity limit?

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    MEP workset quantity limit?

    Way back in 2007 we were told, in training, that Revit MEP 2008 would slow down with 8+ worksets. Was it true then and is it true now?

    With Revit MEP maturing, 64 bit and well managed worksets I don't think it is a issue.

    Thoughts, comments?

    In a major healthcare project we are doing, we have significantly more than 8 worksets in Revit MEP2011. It works fine. I think Autodesk must have addressed this.
    We are using 64 Bit machines with 12gb of Ram and huge great processors, we have found that Hardware is as important as software. I assume that everyone has found the same? Is this right?

    Can I use this opportunity to ask a slightly leftfield question. As an engineer who works in an MEP design consultancy, I have yet to find a need for worksets other than Autodesk and their cronies have told me we need them and it's a comfortable comparison and hark back to AutoCAD days.
    I am happy to stand corrected however!
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      Worksets used for worksharing are almost redundant now with element borrowing pretty easy to use, except of larger projects where you want to limit who has acess to particular areas of a model or selection of elements

      But for MEP projects Worksets are often used/abused for visbility, this is something a lot of Architects avoid, as worksets are ultimately using worksets is a manual method, but on larger MEP projects where systems cannot be managed or are not being used worksets are generally used. 50++ worksets are not unusal in these cases!
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        Besides the visibility usage, there's also the possibility to load only portions of your model, which can speed up your model handling significantly.
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          I don't think there was ever a meaningful limit on the number of worksets. The frustration of managing a lot of them would be more of an issue than any performance hit, unless somehow RME uses worksets in a totally different way. But I am nearly certain worksets are a core platform function, and all three work the same.

          There is an implication to the number of concurrent users in a central file. A team of three is going to find SwC more responsive than a team of 20. But that will be true if you have two worksets or 50.

          And of course total model size, including links. Which is exactly the appropriate use of worksets. So you can unload those things you don't need at the moment and speed things up.

          And I do think that everyone should work towards the goal of filter for visibility, not worksets. It makes everyone's life easier. But getting there is part of the learning curve. And no doubt there are some special issues in different versions, but that is the stuff we all need to push Autodesk on.

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            Thanks for the comments everyone.


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