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Re-sizing 3d Camera Views

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    Re-sizing 3d Camera Views

    I'm working on some schematic designs and form/massing studies and am creating some 3d camera views (perspective) which I then place on sheets to print. The problem is that because they are perspective views there is no scale. I place them on sheets and they come in really small. I cannot figure out a way to re-size the views so they are larger. The only work around I have come up with is to create images of the 3d views and then place the images on a sheet, which I can then re-size. Going through this extra step is a bit of a pain and I really have to crank up the dpi and pixel size to get a decent image.

    Am I missing something?

    Select view on sheet, then on ribbon select Size Crop to change image size.
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      Jeez...I swear that is exactly what I was doing earlier and could not get it to happen. OK...time to call it a day!

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        Make sure that you check the Scale option not field of view otherwise only the frame will get bigger, not the image itself.
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          Even if you do click the scale field, if you don't click scale first then, you won't get what you want... if you just hit the enter key after typing a height or width, you won't get what you want. There is a very specific method you must use to get this tool to do what you want. First click scale radio button, then change the value you want <do not hit enter at this point>, you must either tab out of the width or height (click out of the dimension being changed) or click OK or Apply.
          • You can't use the enter key and get what you want without tabbing out of the changed dimension.
          • You can't change your values and then click scale and get what you want.

          Bottom line this dialog sucks for user friendliness... I change the scale way more than field of view and if I'm going to be forced to click something like scale first, then it should be at the top of the dialog or left of the dimensions. And a programmer needs to add a line of code to those dimension boxes so I can use the enter key right after typing a dimension.


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