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Project Browser views to sheet??

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    Project Browser views to sheet??

    Hello Everyone,
    I have a question that I thought was available before but now not sure (might be loosing it). I could have sworn that somewhere along the line of past versions when a view was placed on a sheet the project browser would show behind the views name the referenced sheet it was on. For example a drafting view placed on sheet A100, in the project browser this "Drafting View 1" would be ....Drafting View 1 (1/A100) or Drafting View 1 - 1/A100. Has anybody seen this? Maybe it was an add-on acquired over time. Any help with this would be great so I don't have to switch the browser back and forth to "not on a sheet."

    That would be a cool addin. I have never seen something like this... other then when you a referencing a detail view, it puts the detail number and sheet at the end of the pull down list.
    -Alex Cunningham


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