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Topography popping out between pads

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    Topography popping out between pads

    Hi all,

    I am a new user here. i have been using Revit for my Architectural works. I am currently working on a very contoured site where i have used Building Pads to create building base and roads. But at many places I see that a slice of the topography projects out between pads. The pads are sloping and curved also. See attached image. The slice that pops out also shows a pattern behaviour. I have tried all sorts of tweaks to correct it but in vain. I need some help. :banghead:
    Click image for larger version

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    I would consider getting rid of all of the topography, and using roofs with shape editing instead. It's much more work to set it up initially, and it's not as seamless to update, but it looks much better and is much more predictable.
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      i believe this results from the slope arrow settings. whenever you have sloping building pads, make sure that the pad reference level is set to the lower side of the pad, and that the slope arrow enables the pad to slope UP. if you have the pad set to the higher level, and use a negative value for the slope, it will result in these weird things with the topography.

      not: Pad at Level 1 (10') sloping -1'
      yes: Pad at Level 1 (9') sloping up 1'


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