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RAC 2011 Content v RAC 2012 Content

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    RAC 2011 Content v RAC 2012 Content

    Hello All

    Im just wondering if any of you guys are aware of a quick and effecient away of comparing content (other than just having both side by side and looking at what the difference is)

    Im in the process of sorting out all my content. I have inheritied a library that is like spaghetti, with more than 3/4 of the content being rubbish and not useable without substantial editing to the families, but also have all the Revit supplied content, and rather than have 3 libraries im trying to work out down to a single library which easy to follow and find

    Its a pain to go through each file individually ...

    Nope, sorry. Off course there are file managment programs but those won't give you any clue about the usability off the families in question. So I guess you're stuck with the manual (and very time consuming) approach.
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      If it's any help I've used this little programme 'Total Commander' for many years to do file comparisons and copy/backups:
      William Sutherland rias riba
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