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Working with MEP consultant using 3D AutoCAD

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    Working with MEP consultant using 3D AutoCAD


    Just want to throw this one out and see if you have come across. We have a project that the MEP consultant is on AutoCAD, they have a specific plugin called Design Master Design Master - Electrical, HVAC, & Plumbing Engineering Software for AutoCAD & Revit where everything can be modeled as 3D. The website say it supports IFC as well.

    I initially try to use their IFC export from cad and linked it in to our Arch Revit model. There are 2 issues. All the IFC export turn their piping, HVAC and others into in-place families in Generic model category. It will be hard for us to control their model via VG or even filter. As for the in-place family, all the cad geometry are coverted into faces (say a round pipe got turned into a mesh), I am not sure if there is exporting setting that can fix that. The other issue is I am not sure their export will have the same origin every time.

    What I came up with now is to ask them to load (use import NOT link) their 3D cad file into Revit (so we can control the origin) and send us the Revit file. I tested it today and found this is a better way to control graphic and coordinate with their model. (see image) Although there is a workaround to get the cad geometry to show via VG using Custom setting. It can be done the first time and it could be easily control it with View Template.

    I guess my question is for you guys is before our team want to commit to this workflow to collaborate with MEP, have you come across with this issue dealing with 3D cad and whether there is a better solution.

    Click image for larger version

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    Philip Chan
    Practice Technology Manager | HKS

    I was working on a huge airport project recently and the baggage handling system contractor was using 3d CAD.
    I found the best workflow for me was to have a separate Revit file linked in the project with their CAD file imported into a family.
    The problem with 3d CAD is that it doesn't cut properly in the sections(you see what's behind the section line ), so you need to import it into a family first to solve this issue.
    And having this family in a linked Revit file gave me better control where it was loaded, and tracking of versions.
    Maciej Wypych

    Bibere humanum est, ergo bibamus!


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