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    Purchase Revit Content

    Boss just came to me saying we could expense some revit content if there was some useful packages out there.

    Use RevitCity and where ever else I can when I'm not building my own families was just wondering if anyone has bought or looked into buying content very much.

    For the most part we would be looking for some nice site content people, plants etc.

    Any Comments would be helpful.

    Well, if you want site content (for rendering purposes?), go to Archvision for some RPC's...
    Martijn de Riet
    Professional Revit Consultant | Revit API Developer
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      Hi Scott,

      Over the years, I have purchased families from a few different sources. With the exception of an elevator family which I bought from revit-content, I do not use ANY of the bought families anymore. (btw, the only reason I still use that one is that I only need and elevator family once or twice a year and thus have no particular incentive to create one of my own.)

      Ultimately, as many thread here will confirm, it is, imho, far far better for your firm to spend the time and development cost for someone at your firm to become proficient in creating your own content.
      Ian Kidston


        Not everyone's cup of tea, but I'm still a fan of

        In particular I use their sash windows all the time but I also have the kitchen, rooflight, door, folding door and a few other families.

        You do have to spend some time understanding their parameter set up and Revit is slow to update the families but overall they do a good job.

        Their customer service is amazing - point out a problem and it's generally fixed within hours.
        William Sutherland rias riba
        WS Architecture Ltd



          In general you will find that content you buy or download is usually not built to your company standards. Everyone has there own standards... parameters used, parameter names, Which parts flex, which don't, what should be shown in 2D, how it should be represented in different levels of detail... and on and on. After spending time modifying or deconstructing downloaded families to understand them and redo them to work the way you want, you'll leave yourself wondering if you wouldn't be better off just building stuff yourself. With that said, RPC content might be one of the exceptions that you will make out better by buying it, (depending on what your using it for) since it is usually used purely for graphical representation only.


            I completely agree with the above statement ...
            [email protected]



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