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Underlay / FOundations through Floor Plan

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    Underlay / FOundations through Floor Plan

    Hi Revit Forum,

    Our office is currently doing a transition from CAD to revit, and I'm starting to dive back into Revit. Having used it previously in college and a few small projects here and there I know my way somewhat around Revit.

    The challenge is doing it right the first time. I'm seting up the foundations and floor plan together to make sure everything is aligned. My questions are:

    1) When i use my foundation layout as underlay in my floor plan, i dont see the footings or foundation walls. Why is that ?

    2) Iam trying to show the outside face of the foundation wall below to show through my exterior wall in my floor plan. I've played with the Visibility settings, the object styles and view ranges to no avail, and am getting really frustrated haha :banghead:.

    Can anybody help with these issues ? I've attached the file of my project for you guys to check it out.

    Any help is greatly appreciated

    Thanks !

    Ben V
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    Check your View Range settings. That might solve both issues.


      Thanks Reno, Like i said, I've played through the view range settings, and I dont know they are not showing. They should "technically" be showing with the view ranges setup in the drawing.


        I just downloaded and opened your model. Change your view range settings, bottom and view depth to t.o. footing.


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