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Quadro K600 or similar GTX/Radeon/FirePro graphics card?

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    Quadro K600 or similar GTX/Radeon/FirePro graphics card?

    I know, very similar to many others/boring question but bear with me.

    Following is my system configuration:

    Windows 8 Professional 64-bit
    AMD Bulldozer FX4100 3.6GHz
    16GB Transcend DDR3 (8+8) @ 1333 MHz
    Motherboard - Asus M5A78L-MLX V2 (can't support two graphics cards right?)
    1TB Seagate SATA HDD (if that makes any difference)

    Current graphics card - Radeon HD 5450

    I'd like to upgrade my graphics card as it just doesn't seem to do it anymore. Lags a lot while panning/orbiting large models using Autodesk Showcase 2015. I'm going to soon start using Rhino and 3dsMax, and don't want the same thing happening or it taking too long to render.

    My budget does not increase beyond the K600, so I cannot buy the K2000. After reading so many reviews, all mixed opinions and case-specific replies, I'm more confused than before. My question is: should I buy the K600 or a similar/equivalent Geforce/Radeon/FirePro (in price also) card. If any of the latter, which card would you recommend?

    This is a video of how my Showcase moves right now:
    Pivoting in Autodesk Showcase 2015 with Radeon HD 5450 - YouTube

    PS: Also, if there's some big sale or something happening in the US, where expensive cards are being sold cheap, do let me know.

    Okay, I just discovered the FirePro v4800. And this video -
    Deva's Natural Ltd. - NVIDIA Quadro K600 VS AMD FirePro V4900 - YouTube
    Granted, it's a v4900 in the video, but the performance of v4800 should definitely be great for its price!
    And this -


      You want the biggest GTX card that will fit inside your case, power supply, and budget. The GTX 750 Ti would probably work the best as it's small, it only needs a 300W power supply, and it's ~$130-150(US).

      This will have little effect in Revit, but the other programs should be nicer if they utilize the GPU. You'll need to upgrade the CPU if you want better Revit graphic performance.


        We use K600's in all of the HP boxes we have bought over the past couple of years, and they handle Revit just fine. We run dual monitors, most 1680x1050 22", but have recently bumped up to 23.1" 1920x1080 and still no performance issues. For the price, the K600's work great...and you don't have to deal with the Catalyst Control Center!
        Tim Collier
        CAD/IT Support
        Cromwell Architects Engineers
        Little Rock, Arkansas


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