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How to Get Property Lines to Match Your Survey

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    How to Get Property Lines to Match Your Survey

    Getting Revit property lines to correctly match the meets and bounds on your survey can be frustrating. Two common problems occur.

    1) When adding property line labels in Revit the directional heading (for example NW vs. SE) comes out the opposite of what you expect.

    2) When entering Revit property lines into a table the resulting shape is a long crazy group of lines that doesn't match the property line shape on your survey.

    Attached is a work-around to make sure that your Revit property lines and labels will match your survey.
    Attached Files
    Scott Hopkins AIA LEED AP
    Peikert Group Architects

    I have found that a few minutes spent converting the Surveyor angles like N25W to straight degrees - 335 sorted out even the most complex sites for me. Occasionally, I would need to add or subtract 180 degrees to ensure that the angle match a continuous direction around the property.

    Having done so, I haven't had any further problems using the enter boundary by measurement option.

    Ian Kidston


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