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Family Surface Pattern Thickness

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    Family Surface Pattern Thickness

    We show our new equipment with a solid line outlining the equipment and thin diagonal hatch on the inside in AutoCAD. Currently our Revit projects are setup with filters that override families to show surface patterns on the new equipment, but when you change the thickness of the family in object style it changes the hatch line thickness too. :banghead:
    Does anyone know of a way to control the surface pattern thickness of a family separately from a family outline thickness? Attached is an example of our typical hatch and what I have come up with in Revit.

    Alternative ideas / methods for accomplishing the same thing are welcome!!!
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    The pattern in your filter is controlled by the catagories object style line weight.
    This is why your getting the same width for both.
    What you have to do is change the Equipment line weight to a 1 in object styles (this will thin out the pattern).
    In your filters you will need to control the line weight of the equipment.
    "Keeping my view range hopeful"


      Nice thanks for the help!!!


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