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Dimensions Keep Getting Deleted

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    Dimensions Keep Getting Deleted

    I am working on a job where the architect's is in 2D autocad and we are linking it into a project using Revit MEP 2011. For some reason some dimensions that I have keep getting deleted everytime that I save. Does anyone have experence with this, is there a way to prevent this from happening or some kind of workaround I should be doing?

    Thanks is advance

    sorry never had that happen. are you dimensioning from your mep model to the arch's cad link? If it's not a lot of dimensioning maybe draw over top of cad file and dimension to that instead of the link? or... maybe someone is playing a cruel joke on you and deleting from their local?


      I have had this happen a couple times. Each time it was because the file had an ever so slight rotation to it. Might not even be your fault.

      It happens becuase the lines are so so SO slightly our of 90, that it will still allow you to dimension to the file, but when it reloads and refreshes the dimension, you lose them.

      Solution, 1, transfer them into being Revit lines

      Solution, 2, Make sure the imporated file is clean and square

      Solution, 3, Don't dimension to the file. Add detail lines at the location you are apearing to dimension to.

      Hope that helps.
      Jasen Arias

      "Thats all I got for now."


        Thanks for your ideas I think that I will add detail lines over the link. Sounds like this will solve my problem. :beer:


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