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How to get light into a room when rendering?

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    How to get light into a room when rendering?

    I'm unsure how to get light into a room when rendering it's almost pitch black when I try at the moment. I've attached a picture to show you what I mean. Any help appreciated. Cheers
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    You can use Daylight Portals in Render Settings>Edit, which allows light from the Sun / Daylight System to cast rays through the windows/glass. This applies to sunlit scenes only ( not with artificial lights).

    You can also place interior lighting (studio lights are a good way ) to get some light into the scene--or use specific light fixtures per design intent/requirements.

    Try checking "enable soft shadows" as well, as this helps with light from artificial light sources.
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    Cliff B. Collins
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      It looks like an exposure setting to me. In the render dialog are you setting the lighting to "interior: sun and artificial" this should set the exposure closer to what you need. You can also adjust the exposure setting manually after the render is complete with the adjust exposure control at the bottom of the render dialog.
      Jeff Hanson
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        I've also had some success using 'fake-super' lights on my interior spaces, so that when I render with sun and artificial you can see through my windows. Just create a custom light with a really high value.
        Cameron Palm
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