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    Extrude/Create form

    I'm trying to create a solid mass with a hole inside, should be simple.

    Rectangle with a circle inside shold do the job when extruded, but in the create tab there is no extrude/sweep/etc... commands. This would not be a problem if the create form option didn't show an error (picture 1).
    Click image for larger version

Name:	mass4.png
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ID:	409923

    When I select the truss (all sow a mass) I'm given the option to edit the extrusion profile from which it was created. (pictures 2-4)
    Click image for larger version

Name:	mass1.png
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ID:	409924Click image for larger version

Name:	mass2.png
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ID:	409925Click image for larger version

Name:	mass3.png
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ID:	409926
    I'm having trouble understanding this behavior and wold much appreciate the explanation

    Thx for all your time
    Easy things are not worth the effort

    Are you selecting all the lines before creating the mass?
    Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


      Conceptual mass does not support compound shapes. You need to work with voids.
      Generally, the modelling is done a little bit different than in the family editor. Perhaps you should follow some basic tutorials before you go on to the advanced stuff you're doing

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        This is in-place mass, right?
        - start in-place mass
        - draw rectangle and circle
        - pick rectangle -> create form -> solid
        - go to 3D view -> pick circle -> create form -> void -> cylinder
        - drag (blue arrow) top of the cylinder up until it snaps with the top of the box, lock it, repeat for the bottom
        - hit green check mark to finish mass


          Yes pivo

          That is the in place mass procedure I used.

          The question is how was the other mass (in this case the truss, and it's components) created?

          They are not the same since I can edit the profile of the truss and it's components in such a way that it is enough to draw a circle inside the extrusion (pink like) to create a void.

          Can someone explain this?

          Cheers :beer:
          Easy things are not worth the effort


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