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Is it just me: Color Scheme default colors

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    Is it just me: Color Scheme default colors

    So in years past it looked like Autodesk had licensed a color picker algorithm from Google that was likely called MaxFugly. I remember getting a selection of 10 colors in which every single one sucked. A LOT.
    Well, in 2012 I am rebuilding our template, and I just made two Color Schemes where every single color that got seeded was, in fact, not bad. I had to change them all to match office standards anyway, but it sure seems like someone put some effort in here.
    Anyone else have the same feeling? If true some secret Factory hand deserves :beer:!

    Pragmatic Praxis

    It is just you.

    We are still licensing the "Max Fugly" color picker algorithm from Google. You have just gotten used to them. Sorry to dissappoint (yet again, seems like we never win?).

    In my opinion it is all really subjective as to which colors suck A LOT and which don't. I have seen plenty of office standards I would put into the "SUCK A LOT" group. Lucky in Revit you can pick your own terrible color scheme instead of using the preselected colors that suck A LOT.
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    Jeff Hanson
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      At least the default colors are all pastel colors They sure could suck A LOT more IMHO :laugh:

      And frankly I hope the developers have more important issues on their "to do list" :beer:
      Klaus Munkholm
      "Do. Or do not. There is no try."


        LOL, I always change them to the default RGB Red, Yellow, etc. The Pastels aren't bright enough IMHO when used for schematics...
        But then again, it's all in the template...
        Martijn de Riet
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          Originally posted by Munkholm View Post
          They sure could suck A LOT more IMHO
          Sounds like a wishlist item.
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            a really like the pastel colors
            i don`t like the strong colors. the strong colors are for marketing people.


              Interesting. I certainly have traumatic memories of getting a mix of pastel, primary and earth tones, all in one color scheme. And THAT is what "sucksalot". But that was "back in the day" so perhaps this has been fixed for a while and never really noticed? Which is a bummer because stuff does get fixed, or improved, or added, that just never rises to the level of earning some marketing hype. I am just trying to shine a light on that stuff, because it does have value to users, and the developers deserve the credit for doing it. So kudos for this anyway. Whenever it happened.

              All that said, colors are a highly mathematical thing, so having a choice between the above three "color sets" and getting colors that are 95% right from the randomizer shouldn't be too horribly hard. But I certainly I don't want anyone being yanked off the Site Tools glacier to work on this.

              <Satire>And I misspoke. Google doesn't license the MaxFugly API, Microsoft does. It is part of the WTF libraries, which also include the APIs used to make the UI for Microsoft Bob and MS Office Clippy, along with that idiot dog in the Windows XP search tool. Google licenses a color picker algorithm that takes six months to choose a color, but provides a 400 page mathematical proof of the rightness of the final choice. </Satire>

              Pragmatic Praxis


                I like the pastels but my missus would call them dull. That's me... Dull.


                  As Jeff says, it is subjective. And situational. I can make an argument for using bright primary colors when doing a presentation board for the kids in a primary school design, and pastels for the faculty Focus Group meetings in a junior college design, and earth tones for a Board of a nature conservancy interpretive center. Blue might be Circulation in all three cases, but the specific blue would be appropriately very different. But the way I am sure it used to work, where you might get all three, was never a good look. Even the executive suite at Microsoft has better taste than that.

                  Pragmatic Praxis


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