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    Family Connector help

    I made a control cabinet and have a few questions about connectors in RAC 2010.

    1. The 1 1/2" label needs to show as 1 1/2" NPT.

    2. The #1 label needs to be not visable. Can I control label location so data does not overlap?

    3. Need to add a amp label, not the VA label shown. When I added the parameter, it did not show up in same location as rest of data, but in the overall properties of the component.

    4. Need to show various cut sheet data like flow rate, pressures, etc. when element is selected.

    5. The GPM data for the plumbing connector is rounding my number. I input 1.5 and it shows 2.

    6. I would like the data of all connectors to show up in the element properties box.

    If you know of any good family creation video tuts please let me know. Thanks in advance
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    Welcome to RFO, Randy.

    I hope this helps:

    1. The 1 1/2" info is showing the diameter of the pipe connector in length units. I don't think there is a way to add a suffix such as "NPT".

    2. These "labels" do not have a visibility parameter, since they are not actual annotation labels. The only way to avoid the visual cluttering of these "info" items is to zoom in to the family.

    3. The apparent load units is VA. (volt amps).

    4. To display additional data when the family is selected, you need to nest generic annotation families with labels into the cabinet family, and tie their labels to new text family parameters, and then control their visibility with yes/no parameters.

    5. Agree. It's receiving only integers. Don't know if that could be changed.

    6. You would need to tie connectors properties (some of them can be tied) to family parameters.
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