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    Missing Sections?

    I have a section view listed in the project browser but when I right click it and "find referring view" I get an error. "Could not find referring object."

    Where oh where has my little section gone?

    I've gone through my check list to find missing things i.e., phasing, show hidden, view properties... not there.

    The section is fine. I just want the section mark back.

    Thanks for any ideas.

    Open the section and a plan and elevation view at the same time. Select the view crop box of the section, this should select it in the other views and give you an idea of where it is. Check also scope boxes, hide at scales coarser than and extents.

    If all else fails (which I've had happen before) place another section using "Refer to other view" option in the option bar.
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      Is "Hide in View Courser Than" set to something high?


        Mike, have you been thru this excessive list by Dave Jones ?
        Klaus Munkholm
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          Originally posted by Munkholm View Post
          Mike, have you been thru this excessive list by Dave Jones ?
          Munkholm, We have Dave's great list printed out in the office. So that's the first thing I went through. The "Hide in View Courser Than" was something I hadn't noticed before. Sadly that's not the cause of the missing section mark. Its as if the section got deleted but the view was left behind. It feels like some kind of error has occurred. Not just that the section mark is hidden or missing. Its not mission critical in this project but I thought I would see if the Revit Forum Hive Mind could help me figure it out. We've had it happen to other projects by different staff too.


            Could you post the file here? So we can have a look around?
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              Never mind. It was a user error after all. DUH! It was a phasing issue. I swear I checked that before. But I admit. I missed it, and that was my mistake.


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