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Closing Revit File Problem

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    Closing Revit File Problem

    This a very usual problem I have having with Revit 2014 in the last month or so. I open a Revit file and do not change anything and when I go to close the file it asks me to save the file and does not give me the option to exit and not save. It will only let me save or cancel (which puts be back into the Revit file).

    Does anyone know a setting that controls the save dialog behavior?

    Having the same issue, also in Revit 2014. Hasn't always been that way but whenever I try to close a file that has never been saved before and I don't want to save, "Close" brings up the "Save As" dialog. There is no way around the Save As dialog, I have to save the file in order to close it or to exit Revit... Any Solutions?


      It's a bug, although I don't know exactly what causes it. I still run into it occasionally I filed a support ticket and talked with the folks at the factory but we never did figure out exactly what caused it.
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        Once upon a time, there was a bug in the API's "dockable palette" routines that caused a similar problem.
        It would appear as if a file was closed, but it
        Not exactly what you're describing, but maybe its the same thing.
        Do you have any 3rd party programs? Try disabling those & see if you still have the same problem.
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