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    Mechanical or Electrical

    We just upgraded to the premium building design suite. When my IT guy deployed RMEP, he said he had to choose between Mechanical and Electrical. Well, what if I do both?? Is there a way to "toggle" between the two?

    I'm a RAC user, so I'm clueless about RMEP (or RST for that matter). But, since I have them, might as well learn to use them!

    Tell your IT guy to uninstall revit, then read the manual. The question was geared to picking default template locations :P

    If he picked Mechanical, then your default templates will be mechanical. If he chose Electrical, the electrical templates will be used. You will still be able to use ALL features of Revit MEP.

    We need a "Post Quick Reply" and "Post Peanut Gallery Comment" button, imho.
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      As far as choosing the (Default) template, they are both located in the same directory. Doesn't matter what IT specified in the install.
      Just pick the one you want.
      I would create your own and name them accordingly.
      If your talking about view disciplines Mechanical VS. Electrical
      Go to options--> View Options you can specify which VIEW discipline you want to use.
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        If you just want to change what the default template is between Mechanical or Electrical, go to "Options" > "File Locations" and the top entry allows you to change the default template.


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