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Changing Pattern to Region

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    Changing Pattern to Region

    I looking for the method to changing the pattern of the region.
    Example for use *.PAT of Autocad (COPPI02.pat)

    Could you help me, please ?

    Il vaut mieux un qui sait plutôt que dix qui cherchent

    I'm Just simple Architect en France !

    pcamilti, create a new pattern from one of the available in that file (custom), then change the filled region type you want to change to the fill pattern you just created.
    Is that it?
    Gonçalo Feio
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      If you look in the .PAT files that come with Revit, there are instructions on what you need from the old autocad .PAT files to make it load into Revit. Find one of the Revit ones, open it in Notepad and read the first section of the file. It even has some example files.

      If this still doesn't help, let us know.
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