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Column visibility in plan view (totally same columns, different views)

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    Column visibility in plan view (totally same columns, different views)

    In order to make wrappings i need to unjoin geometry on columns because it gives me result as shown in 1st picture. All right i can make it without joining geometry. But strange thing is that same columns in plan are visible differently (picture 2). Can somebody help me with these column/wrap problem ? I want to make all columns that would act as in second picture top one.
    My settings for wraping are
    wrapping at insterts : both
    wrapping at end : none
    Note: there are only two columns which shown properly in plan without join geometry, and they are joined with internal wall
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    So the point of this exercise is to prevent the concrete columns from joining with the concrete wall? Are they going to be the same pour? If so, why wouldn't you want them to appear as one? You could also try making different materials, maybe one called "Concrete - CIP Wall" and one called "Concrete - CIP Col" that way they don't join even when you join geometry.

    The pic on the bottom looks like it is in wireframe as opposed to hidden line.

    If all else fails, become familiar with the Cut Profile tool and cut away the wall assemblies around the columns
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      The point is i want to have a wraps with joint geometry ( wall + column) .

      First pic shows :
      column added to the wall and its not joined geometry
      column joined with join geometry tool ( looks perfect, cut plasterboards, hatch patterns do not overlay)

      Now i want to add for finish layers option "wrap"

      Second picture:
      1 - ( wraps are added , great , but column unjoined, so now i want hatch pattern to be no overlayed, cut plasterboards)
      2 joined geometry column with wall ( looks idiotic no idea why from the right there is plasterboards surface, from the left air gap layer but column cuts alright)
      Is there any other way to join them? cut profile will take big amount of time..

      EDIT: added third picture
      Thats what i need in this picture, but it only works if wall is joined to the column.
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        bangobeat, you must read this first:
        Gonçalo Feio
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          Copy that column which is joined geometry to the wall as well as joined with the wall, and paste them (picture 3 , previous post)


            Originally posted by feio View Post
            bangobeat, you must read this first:
            I think the scenario 2 with subpoint 2 is the most anoying thing i had. They forgot to mention that that behavoiur is achived if you put a beam between that columns. Imagine this: you put yours walls and columns, everything is ok and the next logical steps is to put the beams with 3d snap on your columns. Than all your columns becames ugly. Why tha f***k do we need to have an extra step to make them look correct again by remake them (wow...why to remake something ?) or join them or linework (are we insane? linework?)

            Why on earth somebody want that beaviour?

            I`ve eliminated that ugly behaviour by using this to families. The beam is from another user (don`t remember where i`ve downloaded). Also we have zero gap between column and beam.
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