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Structural Framing Schedule - Not showing all beams

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    Structural Framing Schedule - Not showing all beams

    For what I do (mostly custom homes) Revit is probably a far more sophisticated program than I need. I self-taught myself the program while in school, but that leaves a lot of the things Revit can do either confusing to me or I just don't even know about them. But Revit is also essential to what I do just because of the BIM aspect. I can draw a plan and the program automatically generates elevations, 3D views, schedules, etc.

    All the schedules I use are really dumbed down and I'm sure there's a better way to do them, but for me and the company I work for, it does the job.

    I recently discovered the "Beam System" feature and how it can help us quickly and accurately determine the amount and lengths of framing materials, when that is not TJIs or trusses determined by a sub. However, in this project where I am using the Structural Framing Schedule for the first time, not all of my beams are showing up. I've imported some 2" x 12" dimensional lumber beams to be placed in my beam systems and have duplicated that into all the unique lengths I need - meaning I have options for 2x12x8, 2x12x10, 2x12x12, 2x12x18 that I can then assign to my beam systems.

    I've made a very simple schedule with only type and count, as that's all we need to estimate the job and create POs. The problem is when I do to schedule these things, the 2x12x18 aren't showing up. For the life of me I can not figure out what I'm doing wrong. I've went them each beam and beam system and all the details look the same.

    Any ideas on a fix? Or a better way to do this type of schedule?

    Robert Fisher
    Lead Designer
    VC Design & Build
    Lynchburg, VA

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