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Crazy Family Anomaly

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    Crazy Family Anomaly

    Revit 2010: I’ve created a family file that has parts aligned to reference planes. It works well on my machine, and a QA machine, but another colleague opened the file and the parts were broken from the reference planes. The file was on a common server so we are working off the same file. Same file, two different results. Any idea?

    I am so confused. Thanks in advance!

    Welcome to the forum, brownshelf2

    It is hard to determine what the problem could be with just this description.
    Is it possible for you to post the family file?
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      We have had similar anomalies that people with one machine cannot do strangely abstract things. Have all machines been updated with the same service packs? We have found this solves in all cases that have cropped up in 2011. It may well be the same in 2010?

      Best wishes

      Don't cry, don't raise your eye, it's only Revit wasteland.


        Here are a couple of question I have that may help to solve your problem.

        What version of Revit are you both running?
        What method are you both using to load the family into a project?
        Are you both opening the file straight from your network or a family inserted in a project?
        Did you use shared parameters that both of your computers can see?

        I hope these questions will reveal your problem.:thumbsup:


          And if they don't, please share the family so we can take a look...
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