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Welcome to the Revit Forum - Introduce yourself here.

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    Welcome to the Revit Forum - Introduce yourself here.

    This forum is now over 100.000 members, but it's obvious that nowhere near that number places posts here. So to you folks who just read and watch - "Lurkers" - start asking your questions, there´s plenty of Revit entusiasts who´s more than willing to help you.

    I'm one of the founders of this forum, and it's a pretty friendly place, albeit with disagreements now and then. It's truly democratic - Not a lot of rules, and no "God" who will strike you dead if you have an unusual opinion - And remember: there´s no such thing as a dumb question !

    Feel free to introduce yourself here - Just a short "Hi, I´m Harry Potter and just started learning Revit last week" will do, but the long version is fine too.

    (Space below this post is reserved for introduction of NEW members )
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    Klaus Munkholm
    "Do. Or do not. There is no try."

    Hi I'm Sarah! I was a lurker at AUGI for a long time, and now that it has burned I decided to move over here and be more vocal. I am an architectural intern working in Illinois, and a recent graduate of the University of Michigan. I have been using Revit since 2007, and I love it!
    Sarah Foulkes

    Not a Revit Robot


      Steve here, and hello fellow augi refugees and new comers. I'm an Australian building designer and have been in cad since autocad 2.6 (ahh 2D drafting) moved design documentation in our office to around revit 5. Very happy to be here with a fresh new round of revit forum discussions and information for our community.
      Thanks Munkholm

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        I'm glad to be a part of this new forum! Great job to Munkholm for setting things up. It looks amazing! I love that this is a forum solely devoted to Revit. I am officially done with AUGI so let's make this new forum the spot to be. I've got a lot of my old tips and tricks that I've saved over the years. I'll go ahead and post them here over the next few days.

        Scott Hopkins AIA LEED AP
        Peikert Group Architects


          hi im RC a Filipino and currently working in Malaysia and have been using Revit Architecture for almost 4 years, then came along this Revit MEP and Revit Structure... i love Revit so much very powerful... and again im very happy to be here also... and be a part of the Revit Forum...

          Good Day to all of yoU!


            On behalf of my fellow admins and myself - A big and warm welcome to Sarah, Steve, Scott and RC :beer:

            It´s awesome that you decided to be more vocal Sarah - Good for you, and everyone here !

            And Steve, thank you, you just made me feel a lot younger AutoCad 2.6 !! (Did someone say experience ?)

            Scott, we will all be looking forward to those tips and tricks of yours ! Good to see you here too.

            RC, it´s way cool with experience in both RAC, MEP and RST ! Wow.

            Have a good one everyone :coffee:
            Klaus Munkholm
            "Do. Or do not. There is no try."


              Hi guys,

              It took me a while to figure out why all my daily AUGI-threads went missing... I noticed, but been so busy that I didn't have the time to check out the site. Also didn't reed my Blog-feeds for a while so that didn't help.
              Just two days ago I saw Munkholms message on LinkedIn (great move btw). So, here I am... Well, I won't feel shy to post here since every counter is reset to 000 (I always felt a little drawn back to mingle in between a discussion with AUGI-members who accounted for a few thousand posts a piece ;-) )

              So, hope to do my share of the talking. This day started out okay anyway: The first daily feed of all new forumtopics came rolling in my inbox. Woohoow...!
              Martijn de Riet
              Professional Revit Consultant | Revit API Developer
              MdR Advies
              Planta1 Revit Online Consulting



                good chance to say a big thanks here to Munkholm and now the new Moderators for getting this thing up and running - always large to go out on your own.
                I am another AUGI refugee (from 2003 I think) (sounds like what we are told an AA meeting could be like !! lol), with a varied in the construction and then architecture / design industries, self employed .
                Bought into Revit in 2002 although only started using it for work in 2004. WE have seen a lot of water flow past since then !!
                Glad you are all coming here and welcome back to Scott Hopkins - glad you could make it here man.!!



                  Thanks for creating a new space for us Revit forum addicts.

                  I have been using Revit since release 1.01 and have been on the implementation side for most of the last 10 years. Formerly a BIM Manager for a few firms, I am now an independent BIM Implementation and Mentoring consultant. I look forward to helping this community rebuild its lost information.
                  Troy Gates - Director of Design Technology
                  KTGY Group, Inc -


                    Hi all,

                    My name is Nikita, I'm an architect, live in Russia, working throughout Russia as well as some projects in Berlin and various international competitions.

                    From 1998 worked in ArchiCAD, then 3DSMax. (School years )
                    From 2000 worked in AutoCAD, then AutoCAD + 3Dsmax + Vray. (Student)
                    In 2007 I realized that do not like it and need a more "advanced" program, so I switched to Revit.
                    Now I work in RAC + 3dsmax (VRay)

                    on AUGI was the most serious forum for Revit in Russia ...



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