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Piping not visible in two views (3D vs Plan)

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    Piping not visible in two views (3D vs Plan)

    Hello again. Sorry for the sudden bombardment of questions, I really hope everyone doesn't mind. I will try to save the questions as much as possible but I'm a little stuck on this one. Here is a screenshot:

    (I have a big monitor so it's a big file)

    This is an arch model from a tutorial dataset from an Aubin book my company purchased for me. Here's the scenario:
    • Started with default Mechanical template
    • Linked in Revit Arch model
    • Copy/Monitor'ed the levels, created my floor views
    • Created a 3D view via camera, cropped the view with a section box so the 3rd floor is visible
    • started drawing in plan view, hopefully to see it in the 3D view, but nothing
    I've tried creating a View Template, I've tried adjusting the View Range but I cannot get the pipe to (1) display as double line and (2) display in the 3D view at all. I went through the VG and couldn't find anything, I went to the Object Styles and couldn't find anything either. What am I missing?

    I'm trying to work a little bit like I do in AutoCAD MEP (split viewports, one side being a 3D orthographic view, the other side 2D plan view) so that I can see what's going on in both views. Is this not the proper technique? Thanks in advance.

    Also, how the crap do I get rid of the plumbing in all three levels when it's a Link? I can't select the groups and individually Hide them. Or can I adjust the view range on those Elements through a Level Parameter or something?
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    About the plumbing: that's related to the Linked File View/Graphic Override settings. They are probably set to "by linked file" and should be set to "by host file"
    About the double lining: you might want to check what happens if you set the Detail Level (checkered button below the drawing window, next to the scale) to Fine.
    About the not showing in 3D: Same as above. What happens if you try to draw a pipe in 3D view?
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      I'm going with mdradvies. Try the Detail Level button and for different visual effects try the button next to it for wire frame, shaded etc.
      Say something interesting....


        I appreciate the help guys. I made a huge attempt to figure out the advice you two are giving me and I cannot seem to figure it out. I have a screen capture uploaded to possibly help you two visually of what's going on.

        There was a default Plumbing 3D view within the mechanical template that I have tiled with my own 3D view that I created using a Camera. I have compared VG, Object Styles, View Templates, etc and I cannot see within my knowledge any difference, and it still gives me an error. Hopefully this can provide enough info as to what I'm missing or doing wrong. Thanks again in advance for looking over this with me. Much appreciated.
        Tannar Z. Frampton ™
        Frampton & Associates, Inc.


          Create a view template from the view that is working and apply that to the one that is not.
          Also I noticed that all of the plumbing fixtures in the non-working view are grayscale (they shouldn't be if your discipline is Mech).
          Sometimes views just go bad.
          "Keeping my view range hopeful"


            That worked. Thanks again everyone, much appreciated.
            Tannar Z. Frampton ™
            Frampton & Associates, Inc.


              Originally posted by Jrobker View Post
              Create a view template from the view that is working and apply that to the one that is not.
              Great, that has solved my problem too, but I don't understand why it's worked!

              I have been using the ‘UK Pipe Template’.

              Comparing the 'Mechanical' view template (where the pipes show in plan & section) with the 'Plumbing' view template (where the pipes don't) I cannot see what variable is stopping me from seeing the pipes in the 'Plumbing' template. It's not the View Range, as I've made these match.

              The ‘Mechanical-DefaultGBRENU’ Template and the ‘Systems-DefaultGBRENU’ template, both only have 2 pipes (Plastic & Standard) preloaded, but I can draw & see the pipes in plan + section OK.

              However, when I use the ‘UK Pipe Template’ template, whilst I get a great range of pipes (Copper, Cast-iron, stainless steel etc), I cannot see them in plan. Spend 2 hours looking at VG, view regions, Discipline & Sub-Discipline etc. I can see the pipes in 3D, but not plan nor section using this template.


                It might be the filters. 2012 pipes are now visible in view by systems, look there.
                "Keeping my view range hopeful"


                  hi.. you've probably found the answer to this dilemma of yours.. I would just like to add for everyone's benefit..
                  several things control the Visibility of objects, or in your case the "Pipes". (1) Visibility/Graphic Overrides under Model, Workset (if any), Filters (if any), and the Revit Links. (2) also you need to adjust your View Range. In this case I noticed there are no Worksets and everything seems to be checked to Visible. One thing you might have missed is that you did generate a Section Box in your 3D View. Then your Pipes were drawn at an Offset of 9'0". It could have been also cropped out by the Section Box.
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