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Families for Site design, cranes etc.

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    Families for Site design, cranes etc.


    Can someone help me with Revit families for construction site? Such as cranes, trailer, etc.?

    Maybe there is a website where I can get those things from.

    Thank you for your help.

    Autodesks Seek has some of that stuff, under Site>Logisitcs. I haven't used any of it so I can't speak for the usefullness of those families.


      Some of them are okay, and some of them need fixing, if you want them to be parametric. We do all of our site logistics plans in Revit now.
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        as construction engineer, all the stuff I do in Revit is around construction site management.
        plans for site logistics, cranes definition, schedules, shoring, scaffolding etc.. are now made with Revit.
        but I'm not allowed to share this families here. you will know why.

        my advice is (looking back to what I did) to deal yourself with those families. You will learn a lot making those families.
        start with a simple one, based on constructor documentation. you won't regret learning this way.
        - learn how to deal with nested families, you will need it a lot
        - if you ask yourself if it should be parametric, yes it should. do it fully parametric. and fully nested and shared.
        - extra tip: shoring could be made in a column family template, it may be usefull one day....
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