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Error Saviing editing mode Revit 2013

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    Error Saviing editing mode Revit 2013

    What is the official exit to not get this error? I go to 3d view thinking I will be out of editing mode and try to save but still get the error.
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    Finish group, or finish floor, or finish whatever "sketch or mode" you are in. THEN perform the save. It doesn't matter what view you are in.
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      What were you doing when you got that message?
      My guess is that you were editing a Sketch (Filled Region, Floor, Roof - anything that gets you into the "pink line" mode) and then you got a Save Reminder.
      Or you might have been in Group Edit mode and tried to Save.

      I't not a real big deal. That prompt just means that when you Saved your file, what it saved was before you got into that Edit Mode.
      Your options are:
      • Live with it - in other words, you can accept the save as it is. By this time you've probably saved it again, anyway.
      • Cancel the Save, finish your Edit and THEN save.
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        OK, I see now I had to click the green check to finish before I could save the edited drawing.


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