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Revit model transfers to Google Earth Pro

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    Revit model transfers to Google Earth Pro

    I am using the Revit/Google Earth plug-in to transfere a 3D model into Google Earth Pro. There are two problems I am having; 1) Only half of the model is being transferred; 2) I am not able to move the model around in GE (even when I change the "Properties>View>Latitude and Longitude" settings for the model).
    I am modeling a 3D view in Revit 2012 and using the "Export Google Earth File(KML/KMZ)" command. I can't tell if the problem is in the generation of the KML/KMZ file or the import function in GE.The structure is very large and has many curved surfaces which could be part of the problem. Would appreciate any help.

    We have had similar issues. We ended up exporting to .skp and using a Sketchup version of our model in GE--works much better.
    Cliff B. Collins
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      Thanks for the tip. Converted to .skp file and tried to insert into GE Pro. A label (with file name) in GE indicated the structure was there but I could not see or locate it. I read that files larger than 1mb would not be placed in GE but unfortunately mine is 45mb and I'm not sure how much I can shrink it.


        maybe you could split it. creating 46 1mb pieces is no fun though.

        had distorted buildings with revit GE exporting for sloped terrains (mountain regions), cause of the exporter handles z coordinates relative to ground. used the labs autocad GE exporter instead, wich creates a kmz file, which is a zip filecontaining the dae, the kml and the jpeg files.
        zipped file size reduction is about 1:9. perhaps a part of your file could fit this way in the 1mb margin.



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