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Any way to reorder "By Sheet" keynotes?

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    Any way to reorder "By Sheet" keynotes?

    I've set keynoting to "By Sheet" so I have 1,2,3,4,... in the Key Value fields of the keynote legend. The legend seems to be populated in the order than I've placed the keynote tags, which is too arbitrary. Is there any way to sort the legend by the original Key Value that's in the keynote.txt file?

    It's kind of weird the way Revit magically replaces the Key Value data with sequential numbers when keynoting "By Sheet". I'd much rather have a third parameter to do this work. It feels like Revit *really wants* you to keynote "By keynote" and that the "By Sheet" option is just a kludge.

    Am I missing something?

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    I think you are confusing two different settings:

    The Annotate > Keynote Settings dialog box has an option for "Numbering system"; you can choose from "By keynote" or "By sheet".

    The Keynote Legend Properties dialog box, in the Filter tab, has an option for "Filter by sheet".

    For what you want, you need to set the Numbering system "By keynote", and the legend's filter "By sheet".
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      In Properties, set Sorting by Key Value.


        Alfredo, Thanks for pointing out the "filter by sheet" option.


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